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Transitioning to the Potty

Sunday • February 28th • 3:30pm - 6pm

>>  Your guide to ditching diapers for good and moving towards potty independence. <<

This workshop is designed to give you a step-by-step guide to transitioning out of diapers and moving towards full potty independence. Taking the step towards removing the diaper as a backup shouldn’t be stressful for you or your little one.  


We cover:

  • why this is a good time to start

  • 4 phases that outline a ‘map’ to transitioning out of diapers

  • what you can do to prepare yourself and have the best outcome long term

  • how to work with your child, not against them in the process 

  • how to navigate accidents (because they are 100% normal and part of the learning process)

  • some helpful tips/tricks from other parents 

  • quick equipment overview and tips

If you're not sure if this is the right workshop for you feel free to email us.


workshop + 6 weeks support

$70 per family

workshop only

$35 per family

We offer the add-on of 6 weeks of group support only for those that attend the workshop. These calls are weekly for 45 minutes each at varied times that fit the needs of those that sign-up. It is a great way to get one-on-one advice as you implement what you learn in the workshop.​




If you are able to help fund another family we offer a 'Get One, Give One' pricing option to help support other families that may need some financial assistance at this time. Please consider supporting this program and other families.


Our aim is to make our offerings as affordable and accessible to as many families as possible. If you need financial assistance please reach out to us directly here.  

Give one, Get One



If you would like to make an additional/different donation amount for the 'Get One, Give One program via paypal you can do so here.



Please include price for your family and any additional amount for the 'Get One, Give One' program

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