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Local trainers

Connect with other trainers in the greater Bay Area 

Local trainers

Connect with other trainers in the greater Bay Area 

Looking for more classes or offerings? Hoping to find a teacher that shares your background? Your cultural practices? Speaks your native language?


Here you will find a list of other Bay Area Potty Learning or Elimination Communication coaches. Some of them teach from the same source material as us (Go Diaper Free) and some draw upon other trainings and/or traditions, or a little of both!

Baby momma rachel by Oni  - Earthseeds P

Rachel Bolden-Kramer (she/her)

Contra Costa County 

Teaches Elimination Communication and Potty Training 

online classes and phone support

  • Instagram

Rachel Bolden-Kramer (she/her)

Baby Momma Rachel 

Rachel Bolden-Kramer is a revolutionary baby momma, health and maternity coach, and nutritionist on the vanguard of the intergenerational wellness movement. A graduate of Harvard University and the Center for Mind Body Medicine, Rachel is the author of My Food Stamps Cookbook, a holistic guide to achieving optimal wellbeing regardless of income. Her practice provides support to all beings along their journey to parenthood, offering culinary and nutritional services, life coaching, and transformational fertility and birth services.


Rachel strives to move and inspire her clients before, during and after pregnancy to feel their most powerful and resourced. She is the co-founder of the Black Baby Joy postpartum support circle, and a trained yoga and mindfulness teacher via Spirit Rock Meditation Center.


Bridging the gap between optimal wellness, breakthroughs in financial solvency, and radical self-care, Rachel Bolden-Kramer is the go-to guru for culturally competent holistic lifestyle planning for people ready to break free of the scarcity mindset. She has been featured in Food52, The Penny Hoarder, and on the cover of Edible SF magazine. Her image is featured in the permanent Food Change photo mural on the SF Ferry building as a prominent expert in the food justice movement.

Rachel is a Black Queer Single Parent.

Are you an EC/Potty learning trainer in the Bay Area?

Want to be listed? Send us an email to introduce yourself!

Other Resources

Partners, recommended gear and more.

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REDYPER Powered By EarthBaby is proud to offer a FREE sign up trial to those families who are interested in keeping their babies' single-use diapers out of landfills. Disposable diapers are the 3rd largest contributor (by volume) to US landfill sites where they will stay for 500+ years.  And it doesn’t matter what type of diaper you use.  Even diapers advertised as plant-based, biodegradable or compostable will take 500+ years to break down in a landfill. These diapers can only fully break down in a commercial composting facility that is equipped to handle human waste. Temperatures must reach 150 degrees to ensure that the resulting soil is safe for reforestation and landscaping projects.

USE CODE: ‘DFC’ on and receive 1 pack of plant-based diapers, 1 pack of plant-based wipes, and 4 weeks of delivery, pick up, and compost service for FREE with your first order! 

This offer is not to be combined with other offers. New customers only.

SF Diaper Free Collective is a community of parents and educators committed to early potty communication and potty independence. Natural Resources is a beloved Non-Profit  that supports new and expectant families through classes, essential products, and community.


Their All Families Foundation  is a holistic resource center to bridge the gap between what San Francisco families can afford and what it cost, so that they have access to choices and empowerment in pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, just like their peers of greater means.

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