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San Francisco Diaper Free Collective 

for all your Elimination Communication & Potty Transitioning needs

Elimination Communication is a stressless, gentle, non coercive style of pottying your baby or toddler.


The relationship between the caregiver and child is based on observation, sign language, signaling, intuition when the child needs to void or eliminate waste. There is non judgement, no right or wrong way, and is self paced. Caregivers can start the process as a newborn, baby, or toddler.


Monthly Support Group

This is a FREE support group for those that are Potty Training or doing Elimination Communication (infant potty training). 

The support group is meant to help troubleshoot any problem areas, find encouragement, get to know one another in the community, and maybe even share some tips to other parents.  As certified Go Diaper Free Coaches, we moderate and offer these free support groups to our community based on a gentle non-coercive approach to EC and potty training.

All are welcome. If you are just starting out, thinking about starting out, or already in the midst of it, please come and join us.

Personal Consultations

Join our FREE support groups and be apart of the SF Diaper Free Community. Connect with other families and share ideas. The journey is always more fun with friends along the way!

Workshops & Events

Check our our upcoming workshops and events. Designed to support you and your family at whatever stage you are at in your journey to being diaper-free.

Need some one on one help?  Sometimes getting your specific questions answered directly is what you need. We are here to support you! Connect with one of our Certified Coaches today.


Joining the e-mail list is the quickest way to get updates on our events and happenings.


SF Diaper Free Collective is a community of parents and educators committed to early potty communication and potty independence.


Through our workshops, meet-ups (online and in person), and social media groups we spread awareness and normalize early potty learning as an alternative to modern diapering.


Diapers can be a useful tool, but only if we learn to use them in parallel with a child’s early potty communication.


We aim to connect families with resources they need for their potty learning journey, no matter the age or stage.


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